Here are a few of my works:

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my own pattern Pattern: Copyright Creations by Celtess my own patterns
bombka 02

obrazek Pict10

bombki 01
Pattern: ? Pattern: ? Pattern: ?
zakl 01 zakl 02 zakl 03
Pattern: "Moje Robótki" - Jan Stawasz my own patterns my own patterns
obrazek P53 nasz01 swiecz01
różne Pattern: ? mixed
obrazek P12 obrazek P54 jaja 02
Pattern: Jos van der Helm (C), 2001 Pattern: Iris Niebach Pattern: my own
obrazek P51 obrazek P52 obrazek P49
Pattern: (c) Haj 2004 + 1 rząd mój Pattern: Needle Tatting Two  
obrazek Pict01 obrazek Pict04  
Pattern: Emma Crew, April 2001 Pattern: Hartmut Haas, Copyright 2002 Old-Time Crochet magazine my own pattern
obrazek Pict05 orazek Pict06 jaja 01
Pattern: Center: Eileen Stafford, the rest: my pattern my own pattern mixed
obrazek P50 jaja 04 jaja 03